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Liz Copan mastered her craft at The Cleveland Institute of Art in an intensive five year fine arts program, earning her B.F.A. in Ceramics and Photography.

Her unique combination of ceramics and photography has received critical acclaim from fellow artists, critics, and galleries across the United States, including Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio in New York City. Check out her ceramic work here.

Liz was formerly a staff photographer for the United States Air Force Academy base in Colorado Springs,and now works full time as a freelance photographer. Current freelance clients are The Gazette, OutThereColorado.com, The American Numismatic Association, New Balance, GameFace Media, FloFoto, amongst others.for clients such as The Gazette, GameFace Media, FloFoto, New Balance, the Switchbacks and more.

As owner and lead photographer at Studio Copán, she specializes is sports and event photography, creative portraiture, commercial, architectural, and travel photography.
Her photos have been used by USAToday, The Associated Press, Military Times, Stars and Stripes Magazine, Competitor Magazine, and TravelHost.

She is well versed in a wide range of subjects but especially is passionate about sports and athletics. She has worked with USATF, the Olympics, ESPN, the X Games, Air Force athletics, the Wounded Warrior Games, NCAA and Mountain West athletics as well as events for the Denver Broncos and the US Hockey team.

She volunteers her photographic services to the American Cancer Society (www.pohr.org) and the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado Springs (http://www.alz.org/co/) and is involved with the History Club at USAFA.

When she is not photographing, Liz is a live music enthusiast, theatre lover, and pursues her passion for ceramics (and expanding collection of shoes and costumes).
She occasionally likes to sleep.

She is currently out of the country on assignment, but always welcomes inquiries regarding freelance work or collaborations, please send a message 


-Leica C (Typ112)
-Canon 1DX
-Canon 7D
-Canon 20D (yes, it’s still kicking!)


-Canon 24-70mm f2.8L
-Canon 50mm f1.8 (the nifty fifty/plastic fantastic)
-Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II
-Canon 300mm f2.8L IS

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