Detail of peeling rusty texture on Lambeth Bridge in London, England at twilight on March 4, 2017. (photo/Liz Copan)


I was out for a brisk, meandering morning jog in the unfamiliar village of Chertsey, and literally stumbled upon these fantastic textures.

Unaccustomed to the cold February air in Britain, I snifflingly fumbled with my trusty camera phone (use what you’ve got) and discovered this beautiful railway station.

Happy #TextureTuesday!

Remembering a splash of color

Winter skies are here, the snow has fallen, the colors have slumbered…let us not forget the dream of autumn golds, the velvety colors of transition…

California dreaming, on such a winter’s day?

Move over Cali (nothing personal, love you), but I dream of the richness of the mountains, Telluride’s autumnal splendor and explosion of colors…

Amidst a sea of white and grey, I dream in color